Want to create a more inclusive workplace and improve your CSR?

ComplyPOD helps your organization enable a more inclusive workplace and attract people of determination to join your workforce. Ensuring a barrier free work environment for people with disabilities is key to offering the same job opportunities to everyone and benefitting from the diverse qualities that people with disability can bring to your organization.


ComplyPOD offers a number of digital tools to help you and your organization become more accessible to employees and visitors. For small businesses, a single building audit can help to determine what barriers exist in the workplace that may be restricting employment opportunities for certain people. For larger businesses, compliance databases can help monitor access compliance at a larger scale. Once you know the problems, use ComplyPOD’s extensive design guidance, tools and templates to make your workplace the most inclusive it can be


What is a workplace compliance audit?

Assessing your workplace starts with a building audit to understand what physical barriers exist and then using the suite of tools to address any problems that may be reducing the job opportunities to people of determination

Use ComplyPOD to carry out an audit of the workplace environment

A building audit will help you understand if your workplace environment is compliant with national universal design regulations. 

Check your compliance report to understand barriers in workplace

The automatically generated compliance report will help you to identify what physical obstructions exist that may be putting disabled people at a disadvantage in the workplace

Use bespoke action plan to make changes to the workplace

Based on the specific results from the compliance report, ComplyPOD will generate a bespoke action plan. This can be used to make direct improvements to the work environment.

Download compliance certificate to publicise good access

Your business can proudly present their certification, showing you have completed a building audit and were successful in creating an accessible building for your employees and visitors.

Who is it for?

Compliance databases are useful for any operator, owner or management company with a large portfolio of buildings 

Cinema Operators and Theme Parks

Education Authorities and School Operators

Restaurant and Leisure Chains

Government Ministries and Agencies

Government Municipalities

Charities and Non Profits

Asset Managers and Building Operators

Real Estate Development Companies​

Free zones, Economic Cities and Business Zones

Health Authorities and Hospital Operators

Shopping mall operator and retail brands

Tourism Authorities & Hotel Operators

Recommended products

Compliance databases are useful for any operator, owner or management company with a large portfolio of buildings 

Building Audit

A single audit for business owners and employers to understand access problems of new or existing buildings. All building audits include bespoke action plans to access online universal design codes and guidance.

Compliance Database

Accessibility compliance databases are aimed at for government agencies, project developers, freezone authorities and asset managers that need to regulate compliance for multiple buildings or areas.

Tools and Templates

Online digital tools to help building owners improve accessibility. Tools include universal design guidance, ready made templates, calculators, augmented reality floor layouts and more.