Providing information about building access before people arrive at a venue

ComplyPOD can help enrich retail, leisure or entertainment listings and directories with valuable information about a venue’s access for people with a disability to make an informed decision before starting journey. Knowing about a venue’s facilities, arrival experience, entrances and sanitary provision can put a person’s mind at rest and allow them to enjoy the experience the venue is offering without any unforeseen barriers. 


Research shows that the more information about a venue can be made available, the higher likelihood that a person will visit that destination. This is ever more important for people living with a disability or a family member and friend accompanying them on holiday or dinner date. ComplyPOD helps to provide that accurate information in user friendly format. 

How Does it Work?

Access compliance can be embedded into any business directory or listing

A venue carries out a building audit

Using ComplyPOD, venue managers, owners or operators can audit the building in terms of how people arrive at, approach and use a building. Identifying the ways that people can arrive and use buildings is critical to a users journey and enjoyment. 

Venue can use action plan to make upgrades

The venue manager is provided with a bespoke action plan allowing them to make the necessary improvements to the access of their establishment using the ComplyPOD’s suite of digital tools and templates. 

Access compliance results are shared

The compliance results are shared with the business directory or listing. The results provide the invaluable information needed by people of determination about their journey and experience of the venue. 

Venues can display compliance certification

Those venues that have completed the compliance certification are able to display their results. This demonstrates to new and existing customers that they have considered their access requirements.

How Venues can be Audited?

Access compliance can be embedded into any business directory or listing

Who can ComplyPOD benefit to increase customers?

Compliance databases are useful for any operator, owner or management company with a large portfolio of buildings 

Cinema Operators and Theme Parks

Education Authorities and School Operators

Restaurant and Leisure Chains

Shopping mall operator and retail brands

Tourism Authorities & Hotel Operators

Charities and Non Profits