Want to adapt your home for an elderly or disabled family member? We are here to help.

Do you or any of your family members have a disability or are elderly and need assistance living at home? Do you want to improve the quality of your home environment for your loved ones? ComplyPOD contains all the relevant resources, guidance, suppliers and knowledge you need to make your home suitable for people with a disability. 

How can you improve your home for your loved ones?

The first stage of adapting your home is understanding the problems that may exist or manifest over time. ComplyPOD allows you to easily audit your home and acccess all the necessary guidance and resources to make direct changes to help your loved ones live a more independent life in your home

Kitchens and dining areas for independent living

is there clear movement space?  

can users roll under sink or hob?  

are worktops at correct height?  

Adapted accessible bathrooms that are safe for all users

can users access shower and sit?  

can users roll under sink?  

does toilet have grab bars?  

Flexible bedroom space for growing children and special requirements

can clothes hangers be reached?  

does bed need a hoist or height adjusted?  

are desks at correct height with enough space?

Ground floor living, clear circulation spaces and wide easy open doors

can door open easily and is it wide enough?  

are bedrooms accessed using stairs?

is there sufficient space for moving and turning for wheelchair users?  

Safe and easy to reach outdoor areas suitable in all weather

is the floor surface hard or slippery when wet?  

is there a step between inside and outside areas?  

are outside areas protected from the sun?    

Accessible comfortable living spaces for all members of family

are seats at correct height to easily stand from?  

can media be easily seen and heard by all users?  

are there any trip hazards on floor?     

Recommended Products

Charities can take a role in promoting better accessibility and incentivizing best practice through awards and ceremonies

Building Audit

A single audit for business owners and employers to understand access problems of new or existing buildings. All building audits include bespoke action plans to access online universal design codes and guidance.

Tools and Templates

Online digital tools to help building owners improve accessibility. Tools include universal design guidance, ready made templates, calculators, augmented reality floor layouts and more. 

The Benefit to Homeowners

complyPOD can help you to understand what access problems exist and what can be done to solve them