How can you use a Building Audit?

Carrying out a building audit opens up a wealth of useful guidance, tools and templates for adapting buildings.

Increase Customers

The spending potential for people of determination and the elderly is huge and for businesses it makes financial sense to ensure their building is accommodating for every visitor. 

Improve Building Access

Retail, leisure, entertainment, workplace, homes. Any venue where a person lives, works or visits can be adapted using the guidance contained within ComplyPOD’s suite of products

Adapting Homes

For homeowners wishing to adapt their villa or home to allow a elderly or disabled relative to live comfortably and safely. ComplyPOD contains all relevant information for adapting homes. 

Workplace Compliance

For employers wishing to adapt their office environment to improve inclusion and enable elderly people and people of determination to be employed, ComplyPOD is for you. 

How can you use a Compliance Database?

Automated compliance monitoring is the most cost effective and quickest way to improve access at scale.

Trade Licence issuing

Ministries and Authorities responsible for issuing operational and trade licences can ensure all businesses are accessible using a database linking issue and renewal of licence

Compliance Monitoring and Management

Government Authorities, Operators and Service management companies that manage large numbers of assets can increase efficiency by digitizing their compliance monitoring using an automated audit and database. 

Awards and Certificates

Ministries and Charities can incentivize good accessibility with an awards program with ceremonies and rewards for best buildings and businesses.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses and government employers looking to increase diversity and improve inclusion within organizations can ensure their building environments are inclusive to new disabled employees

Building Permit approval

Municipalities, Authorities and Building Permit Departments can embed accessibility into the process of approving building permits for new buildings.

Business Listings and Directories

Corporate brands can provide necessary information about their stores of venues by using an audit across their portfolio of buildings to create access directories and attract new disabled visitors.