Smart Walking Canes

Designer: Magpie
Product: concept

Description: The Hanger Blind Concept Cane has been designed for those with visual impairments to feel safer when they are making their way through the city. The cane works by wirelessly receiving data from traffic lights to let users know when to stop or when it’s safe to cross. This is communicated to the user via the handle to provide a stimulation that is non-auditory and non-visual for a streamlined experience.

Designer: Vasileios Tsormpatzoudis
Product: concept

Description: The ‘mySmartCane’ works like parking sensors that are incorporated into vehicles in order to detect the proximity of obstacles and help users to avoid them. The ‘mySmartCane’ consists of a 3D-printed ball that is affixed onto the end of the cane in order to house the sensors. It can be retrofitted onto virtually any cane and is capable of providing auditory feedback to the user to play a series of beeps relating to how close the object is.

Designer: Zhejiang University
Product: concept

Description: The product would be a long pole-like navigating crutch that can be held comfortably in one hand. Extended on an angle before the blind user, this wheeled walking stick would rarely have to be lifted to overcome small obstacles.

Designer: Soonjae Kwon
Product: concept

Description: The Sonicane 2.0 gives feedback to the user in either braille or through sound. The cane’s built-in GPS helps lead its user around the city and its vibrating nub helps direct the person which direction to head in next.

Designer: Birmingham City University, UK
Product: concept

Description: Smart cane uses high-tech onboard electronics to help blind people locate people that they know. The system uses a database of facial photographs of people known to the user.

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