Embed accessibility across all government departments to create smart happy cities

Governments have a duty to monitor, control and promote better accessibility for the improved quality of life of all its residents. ComplyPOD has been designed to integrate the private sector into this process to reduce the cost and time burden for governments. Smart governance by partnering with the private sector will greatly increase the speed and efficiency of accessibility monitoring and auditing.

Learn how ComplyPOD can create smart governments

Does your government agency share our objectives?

  • Improve the living conditions in cities for disabled and people of determination
  • Ensure no members of society are left behind due to a disability
  • Create smart cities that are accessible to everyone
  • Increase quality of life standards for elderly members of the population
  • Increase opportunity for independent living for the elderly and disabled
  • Enable the adaption of homes to ensure elderly can remain in their own home or family home for longer
  • Ensure educational opportunities are available to each and every student, regardless of ability
  • Ensure offices and workplaces are diverse and are inclusive of people with disabilities

Which Government Agencies should use it?

Building Permit Departments

Development Authorities

Trade licence issuing and Labour Ministries

Is your organization faced with any of these questions?

  • What is the most impactful change that can radically improve accessibility for disabled people and elderly at city scale?
  • How can private sector be expected to improve accessibility with limited government involvement
  • How can the worst examples of poor accessibility design by improved using universal design principles
  • How can World class accessibility be incentivized within the private sector to strive beyond base standards?
  • What is the most cost effective way of embedding accessibility into government and municipality processes?
  • How can my organization embrace a digital transformation of existing building regulation process and improve smart governance?
  • How can my organization keep pace with construction industry and improve the speed and efficiency of accessibility in the building regulation process?
  • How can my organization with limited resources enforce and monitor accessibility within existing cities?
  • What can we do to ensure all new buildings are built to the highest international universal design standards
  • As vast majority of buildings in cities already exist, how can they be adapted to highest standard of access.

Smart Governance

ComplyPOD can be used to digitize traditional methods of government regulation, monitoring and approvals

Compliance and Regulation Automation

Software as a Service (SAAS) for government

Construction design and planning software

Automated project management software

Digitization of design guidance and codes

Digitization of permits and licence approval process

Recommended Products for Governments

Building Audit

A single audit for business owners and employers to understand access problems of new or existing buildings. All building audits include bespoke action plans to access online universal design codes and guidance.

Compliance Database

Accessibility compliance databases are aimed at for government agencies, project developers, freezone authorities and asset managers that need to regulate compliance for multiple buildings or areas.

Tools and Templates

Online digital tools to help building owners improve accessibility. Tools include universal design guidance, ready made templates, calculators, augmented reality floor layouts and more. 

Digital Transformation

ComplyPOD joins other automated software and SAAS solutions to digitally transform the compliance and building regulation sector

Construction Tech

Property Tech (PropTech)

Universal Design Tech (UDT)

Compliance Tech

Regulation Tech (RegTech)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Smart City Method

The modern automated method of auditing buildings starts and finishes with tech. Easy to use compliance software available to everyone helps governments, authorities or developers to save money and time compared to traditional method. 

The traditional way (the expensive, inefficient and time consuming way)

A manual checklist is created based on national building regulations

Government engineer visits the building to audit and manually record data 

A completed audit certificate is stamped and issued as paper version

A paper report is stored manually in archive by single government department

The ComplyPOD way (the smart city way using automated compliance technology)

An audit is carried out with user friendly technology by the building owner or manager

A digital audit certificate is sent or linked to any relevant department to issue permits

Software calculates if the building is compliant and generates an action plan 

All compliance data is digitally stored and can be viewed by relevant authorities when required

Benefits to Government

Enabling the private sector to take an active role in the planning and development of smart cities that are accessible will reduce cost and time for all Government Departments. The health, quality of life and happiness benefits for citizens is increased when access to healthcare, education and work is improved.

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