Create projects and buildings that are World leading smart and fully accessible to all residents or visitors

Developers and megaprojects are creating the cities of the future. Those cities should be smart as well as accessible for all citizens. ComplyPOD offers a variety of digital tools for developers, project management officers and megaprojects to automatically monitor accessibility at scale. We recommend projects embed access audits into the process of granting building permits and trade licences to ensure that objectives for accessibility are at forefront of all designs. 

Which developers and megaprojects can benefit?

Recommended Products for Developers

Building Audit

A single audit for business owners and employers to understand access problems of new or existing buildings. All building audits include bespoke action plans to access online universal design codes and guidance.

Compliance Database

Accessibility compliance databases are aimed at for government agencies, project developers, freezone authorities and asset managers that need to regulate compliance for multiple buildings or areas.

Tools and Templates

Online digital tools to help building owners improve accessibility. Tools include universal design guidance, ready made templates, calculators, augmented reality floor layouts and more. 

Tools and Templates

The Benefits to Developers and Projects

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