Got access problems? Want to improve your corporate social responsibility? Want more customers?

What access problems are causing obstacles in buildings? How can buildings comply with national building regulations? The complyPOD has been designed to allow anybody, regardless of their technical ability to audit their own building, identify access problems and view practical design resources to help overcome barriers. Does your business want to improve its corporate social responsibility and create a more inclusive diverse workforce?

Want to know what is getting in the way of new customers and your business?

ComplyPOD has been designed to help governments and businesses alike. Good accessibility benefits everyone. It improves the quality of life and access to opportunities for all residents but also increases the amount of new customers accessing retail, hotel and leisure venues. Understanding and resolving what those access problems are is where ComplyPOD helps. . The software helps the private sector assess and resolve those access problems which are causing barrier between new customers and their business.

Good Accessibility is good for business

More access to your building or venue will result in more customers, better customer satisfaction and more repeat visitors. The logic is simple, remove the obstacles to access and reap the reward. The ComplyPOD can help your business to identify and address those obstacles and clear the way to the widest reach of customers and best level of corporate social responsibility

Who is it for?

Single Building or Business

Cinemas and Entertainment venues

Kindergarten, Schools & Universities

Cafes and Restaurants

Hospital or Medical Centre

Retail store or supermarket

Hotel or Spa

Multiple Building Operators and Asset Managers

Entertainment districts and theme parks

Education authorities and operators

Special Events, Conferences and Sports

Hospitals, Medical & Health Operators

Shopping mall operator and retain brands

Tourism Authorities & Hotel Operators

Recommended Products

There are two main products available to business, dependent on whether you mange a single building or multiple building assets

Single Building Audit

The Benefits for Business

Whether you are a small business owner or a multinational operator with multiple assets, good access can have mutliple benefits

Start Your Journey to Better Accessibility Now

Select whether you want to complete a single building audit or set up a compliance database for multiple buildings you own or operate