ComplyPOD has been designed to embed accessibility across a multitude of sectors from government departments to single business. Choose your sector below to find out more

Government Ministries, Municipalities & Agencies

ComplyPOD can help governments make cities more smart and accessible, reducing costs by enabling the private sector to audit buildings

Developers, Mega Projects & Planning Authorities

ComplyPOD can be embedded into the design approvals process to ensure all new buildings are accessible and compliant with regulations.

Business, Events, Health, Education & Hotel Operators

Operators can use ComplyPOD to encourage all venues to be fully accessible, in process will increase tourists, visitors, customers and guests

Homeowners, landlords and residential care facilities

The provision or adaption of homes for elderly or people with physical restrictions is made possible using the many tools within the ComplyPOD

Freezones, Economic Cites & Business Zones

ComplyPOD can be used for both the assessment of existing buildings and the approval of new permit applications. This makes it ideal for freezone authorities wanting to enrougage better access

Design, Architecture & Engineering Consultants

ComplyPOD can be used by consultants to audit a building design to check for compliance before committing to applications as well as access design guides and other resources

Charities, Non Profits & Humanitarian Cities

ComplyPOD allows charities to actively encourage better access for disabled residents within their community, embedding the process into awards ceremonies for best practice businesses

Education Authorities, Operators and Inspectors

Schools, Kindergarten ad Universities should all provide the same opportunities to all students. ComplyPOD allows any user to audit those facilities to identify any physical barriers to learning