Tools, calculators and templates help building owners take direct action to improve access

In addition to the national building regulations and guidance contained within ComplyPOD, a number of extra resources are available to building owners. Tools for calculating ramp design, stairs and entrances. Calculators for ramp gradients and floor slip resistance. Templates for toilet layouts, car parking arrangements and entrance lobbies. 

Need to comply with national building regulations?

ComplyPOD can help you to comply with any Universal Design Code

ComplyPOD contains all the relevant tools to ensure your building is compliant with national regulation documents like the UAE Universal Design Code, the Saudi Building Code and other design standards used in the Middle East. ComplyPOD is the World’s first building access software that provides all the digital tools and templates you need to achieve building compliance with regulations and standards. 


The standards used like the Dubai Universal Design Code can often be confusing and complex for anyone trying to comply with government requirements and improve the access of their building. ComplyPOD can help take the stress out of compliance by providing a number of digital tools to help your building comply.

Who can benefit from tools and templates?

You may be an accessibility consultant, architect or part of project management office of a large mega project or giga project and wanting to know how you can ensure your building is accessible to people of determination. ComplyPOD can help with all your access requirements to comply with national and international regulations. 

Building and Facilities Managers

Government Ministries & Planning Authorities

Design, Architects & Engineer Consultants

Hospitals, Medical & Health Authorities

Education Authorities, Schools & Universities

Elderly Care Home & Housing Ministries

Generate layouts and view in real time with AR

By inputting your room size, choosing your features and accessories you can generate templates and layouts that can be tested in real time using Augmented Reality

Family Rooms with baby-changing

Changing Places

Tools and Calculators

Templates and Floor Plans