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A single building audit of an existing building to assess compliance and access unique action plan and national design guidance to make improvements.

Who are they for?

Best for single businesses wishing to improve access by understanding the problems in their building. All audits are provided with bespoke action plans and design guides.

Features Included

Building Audit

Tailored specific design guidance

Bespoke Action Plan

Compliance Certificate

Audit Tools & Calculators

A database storing all audits within a clients jurisdiction to be used for compliance, in permit and licence issuing or awards programs

Who are they for?

Best for Ministries, Authorities, Developers, Mega or Giga Projects and Economic Cities wanting to manage and monitor compliance of existing building stock across wide area.

Features Included

Compliance certificates

Client Portal

Design Guide

Entry Notifications

Searchable Database

Unique client webpage

Access the largest collection of digital tools to help make your building accessible to people of all ability

Who are they for?

For building owners, consultants or building managers wanting easy access to pre-made templates, calculators, tools and other resources to improve access or achieve building permit approval.

Tools Available

Sanitary facilities templates

Ramp gradient calculators

Car parking arrangements

Slip resistance calculators

Downloadable floor layout templates

Augmented reality room layouts