Using the Compliance Database

Step 1: Searching the Compliance Database

Search by keyword

Search by name or email

Search by audit date

Map of all audits in database

Searching building audits

There are a number of general search options for finding audits within your database. Search by date, name of applicant, address or building types.

Exporting and Linking Compliance spreadsheets

All databases can be exported as spreadsheets or linked to google sheets accounts. Contact us to understand how we can link these accounts.

Linking compliance databases

All entries to databases can be linked to your own databases by exporting certain information. Contact our team to learn how.

Email Notifications

Your chosen admin email address will receive notification each time a building audit is completed. To disable notifications, contact our team.


Additional building information

For clients who have a unique identifying code, such as a application numbers or plot numbers you can search by entering those codes.

Step 2: The Compliance Database Listings

Name of Building or Business

Compliance Score and Level

Address and Map Link

Access Action Plan

Compliance Results

The compliance score for each building is shown as a percentage which is determined by the number of correct answers within the building audit. Not all buildings will have the same access requirements so not all questions have to be answered, for instance a small shop may not provide its own car parking or accessible toilets. The compliance score is only calculated on those elements which are answered to ensure that all buildings are treated equally.

Using compliance scores

Your authority may decide how important the compliance score is as part of a building permit application or renewing a trade licence. You may just expect building owners to complete an audit and address those elements which failed. You may require that only buildings that receive a certain score or level can be issued with a building permit or licence. Speak to us for more guidance on how to best use compliance scores.

Compliance levels

The standard compliance level is dependent on the country’s own regulation system. For instance, in the UAE, the Universal Design Code prescribes a system of Accessible or Universally Accessible Buildings depending on the percentage score received. Speak to us for more guidance on how to best use compliance levels.

Step 3: Viewing the Action Plans

Description of action to be taken

Link to tools and templates

Link to national design guidance

Action Plans

Each user who submits a building audit is presented with an automated action plan. The action plan clearly lists all the elements of the building that failed the compliance and will need to be addressed to improve the compliance score and ultimately make their building more accessible. All clients can access those action plans.


Action Plans are made up of:


Written description of requirement

A description of what is required to be compliant with code or regulation.


Link to national design guidance

Provides user a link to the relevant design guidance used in that country.


Link to tools and templates

A link to specific tools, calculators, templates that can assist the user to improve the building for access.