Starting a Building Audit

Step 1: Enter Personal Details

Email Address for Audit Reports

Applicant Name for Building Audit

Applicant Information

ComplyPOD needs to know a few details about the building applicant. This may differ from the registered user as some consultants manage multiple audits on behalf of other clients. The applicant information is specific to this particular audit being completed. 


Applicant Name

Enter the name of the applicant or auditor. This may be the user name or an audit may be completed on behalf of another client, for instance if a consultant or building manager completes the audit for an owner. New buildings are typically as part of a new project or application for a building permit. Existing buildings are commonly when a municipality, business or charity want to monitor compliance of certain buildings. 

Email Address for Audit Reports

Enter your email you wish the audit reports to be emailed to you. This may be the same email address as the user or be sent to another owner or authority. 

Step 2: State if new or existing building

Select if new or existing building

New or Existing Building

Some building audits may not require this information as some authorities will only manage new or existing buildings and not both. However, for instances where the authority manage new building applications and existing building monitoring select your building type. 


Is your building audit being carried out for a building permit or trade licence renewal or application?

Your building audit may be in connection to a building permit application or renewing a trade licence so you must tell us the authority so we can ensure they are aware you have completed an audit. If you have a relevant permit application, plot number or licence number you can also complete this is the additional.

Step 3: Select the building type

Select the type of building to audit

Choose Building Type

Please select what type of building is being audited. The selection available to chose is dependent on your authority. For instance a Ministry of Education will only audit schools while a shopping mall will only audit shops, cafes, cinemas, and so on. If your building type is not available, please chose as close alternative. 


Paying fees

For each building audit there is a small charge which gives user access to simplified national regulations, online guidance, action plans and audit reports. The flat rate fee for building audits may vary for large buildings that require much more assessment.