How a building audit is conducted

How can governments improve accessibility?



As a population gets older, the amount of people with disabilities increases. 


How can governments manage, monitor and improve access to existing buildings for people with a disability?


One way is for staff to visit buildings, complete a checklist, take measurements and calculate compliance. They can then advise the owner how to improve the access to their building


This takes a long time, is expensive and requires lots of employees who understand all building regulations. 


Introducing ComplyPOD – the World’s first compliance technology that allows building owners to audit their own building and take direct action to improve access.


The software calculates if the building is compliant with regulations and if not produces an action plan


The building owner has access to all relevant design guidance, tools and templates to make the changes to their own building 


The compliance report can be shared and digitally stored in a compliance database


These compliance reports can be used for renewing building permits or licences. Or as part of an awards certificate to promote better access.