Full Family Toilet

Full Family Toilet

Full family toilets shall be provided in:
• Shopping malls
• Amusement parks and theme parks
• Leisure centres
• Airports


A full family toilet is considered accessible when it meets the requirements specified for accessible toilets and following these specifications:

1. Has a folding adult changing board for adults without interfering with any of the
approaching manoeuvring and transfer spaces to the toilet and the sink. The board
usable area shall be at a height of 500 mm from the floor.
2. It provides a second sink at a height of 500 mm from the floor.
3. There is a clear manoeuvring turning space of at least 2000 mm diameter free of
4. In addition to the toilet, a urinal shall be provided with a usable height of 400 mm.
5. An emergency call button shall be provided.


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With a folding adult changing board at height of 500mm from the floor


Additional children wash basin at a height of 500mm


Manoeuvring turning space of at least 2000mm diameter


With a urinal with usable height of 300mm


With emergency call button or rope

Glossary of Terms

Pendulum test value (PTV) is a measurement of the slip resistance of a floor surface, either an external or internal floor of a building. The least slip resistance a surface material is, the more likely people may skid or trip, especially in wet conditions. In average circumstances, slip-resistance is as follows:

0-18 = very low slip-resistance.

18-25 = moderate slip-resistance.

25-36 = good slip resistance.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is a numeric scale that is used to identify how much light a colour reflects or absorbs. It is used in universal design to identify the contrast between two colours. This can help to determine if there is sufficient contrast to visually identify a feature such as a fonts on a sign, elevator call button, a handrail and other items which need to be seen by visually impaired people.

The interaction space is the space required by a person to interact with another person, furniture, appliance, machine or another element.

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