• Guardrails must be at least 1100 mm height. This parameter is measured vertically from the ground level, to the highest point of the guardrail.
  • The guardrails must have sufficient strength and stiffness to withstand a horizontal uniformly distributed force of 3.0 kN/m.
  • The guardrails cannot be easily climbable.
  • Openings on guardrails shall not allow a 100 mm diameter sphere to pass through.
  • When guardrails are installed to protect slopes, they must have a continuous base in their entire length from the floor surface to a minimum height of 100 mm.

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Without sharp edges, protruding


Seat height of 430mm with a ± 30mm tolerance


Seat depth between 400 – 450mm


With backrest height between 400 – 460mm


Some seats with armrests


At least in one side has lateral interaction space for wheelchair min 865 x 1420mm with international symbol of disability



Outdoor spaces – benches every 100meters accompanied with shaded areas every 50meters
In buildings – benches or seat types every 50meters

Glossary of Terms

The International Symbol of Access (ISA), also known as the (InternationalWheelchair Symbol, consists of a blue square overlaid in white with a stylized image of a person in a wheelchair. It is maintained as an international standardISO 7001 image of the International Commission on Technology and Accessibility (ICTA)

The interaction space is the space required by a person to interact with another person, furniture, appliance, machine or another element.

Truncated domes in a grid pattern to provide a tactile surface under feet of blind users. They are used as a used as a warning of upcoming level changes or obstacles on the course of travel.

Flat topped elongated bars in the paving surface under feet of blind people. They are used as a directional sign to assist the independent mobility of people with visual disabilities.

Pendulum test value (PTV) is a measurement of the slip resistance of a floor surface, either an external or internal floor of a building. The least slip resistance a surface material is, the more likely people may skid or trip, especially in wet conditions. In average circumstances, slip-resistance is as follows:

0-18 = very low slip-resistance.

18-25 = moderate slip-resistance.

25-36 = good slip resistance.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is a numeric scale that is used to identify how much light a colour reflects or absorbs. It is used in universal design to identify the contrast between two colours. This can help to determine if there is sufficient contrast to visually identify a feature such as a fonts on a sign, elevator call button, a handrail and other items which need to be seen by visually impaired people.

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