Switch controls and electric outlets shall be installed between 900 mm and 1200 mm
height and be located a minimum of 600mm from any corner.

The switch plate shall present at least a contrast of 30 points LRV in relation with the surrounding wall.

It shall be possible to activate it with an elbow.

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Located between 900 – 1200mm height and located ≥600mm from any corner


Switch plates with contrast of 30 LRV against its background


Switches can be activated with the elbow

Glossary of Terms

This is a plate, usually of metal, ceramic, or plastic, covering a switch so that the knob or toggle protrudes and allows user to operate lights or other mechanism. The contrast of the colour of plate and background (e.g. wall) is important for people with visual impairment to find switch.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is a numeric scale that is used to identify how much light a colour reflects or absorbs. It is used in universal design to identify the contrast between two colours. This can help to determine if there is sufficient contrast to visually identify a feature such as a fonts on a sign, elevator call button, a handrail and other items which need to be seen by visually impaired people.

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