Ablution Facilities

General Requirements

  • A minimum of 5%, but never less than one, of ablution units should be designated and accessible to people with disabilities.

Roll under sink

  • The sink should be able to roll under for wheelchair users

Grab rails by sink

  • Two horizontal grab bars, one in each side of the sink, shall be mounted at height of 700-800mm.
  • The support length should be equal to length of the sink.

Approaching Space

  • The approaching space should be clear or obstacles and at least 1200mm wide.
  • Floor finishes within ablution spaces should be slip-resistant when wet, and should be anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.
  • Rooms should be located beside an accessible route and close to the main entrance.

Easy to reach accessories

  • A bidet shower system, soap and paper dispenser should be mounted near to the sink. All accessories of toilets, including bidet shower, should be mounted at the height of 700-1200mm.
  • Built-in elements within ablution spaces, such as benches or seats, should be located on the same floor level as the circulation routes.
  • Built-in elements should have no sharp edges and incorporate pronounced colour-contrast to differentiate them from the surrounding environment.

Easy to operate faucets

  • Electronic or sensor faucets for automatic use are recommended.
  • Manual faucets should be operable by  using the elbow