Assisted Vision Innovations

Designer: Microsoft
Product: available

Description: Microsoft’s ‘Seeing AI’ is a smartphone connected tool that aims to help those with visual impairments navigate their surroundings with a little more ease. The update features “talking camera” technology, which can read and interpret surroundings translating them in real-time for the user.

Designer: Henry Evans
Location: De Young Museum in San Francisco

Description: The De Young Museum’s new robot guided tours will make their collections accessible to those who are paralyzed, bedridden or otherwise unable to visit, even allowing them to interact with other museum-goers.

Designer: Tomas Moyano and Nicolas Aichino
Product: concept

Description: The glasses are capable of providing auditory prompts to let a user know of their present location; this can be of valuable use to help ensure they don’t stray from their projected course. When the user of the glasses reaches a reference point that has been preloaded, the GPS function will vibrate and allow the user to press the button on the side to hear their location.

Designer: Estimote
Product: available

Description: Mobile application uses beacon technology that is meant to be placed around a room to map a space using a quick orientation process using the app.

Designer: Yee Jek Khaw
Product: concept

Description: This sound navigation device is connected to an app and users can load familiar sounds onto it so that the Echo can play them. The device is then used in therapy as a way to teach people to learn how to navigate with their visual impairments

Designer: BeMyEyes
Product: available

Be My Eyes is an app that recognizes the dangers that befall people with visual impairment in a built environment. Hans Jørgen Willberg, who is also visually impaired, built the app as a remedy. 

It enables blind or low-vision people to connect with volunteers who can see clearly. These volunteers use the user’s video camera to assist them visually through any task. Be My Eyes is equally helpful on the streets as it is indoors.

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