The ComplyPODs algorithm is based on the unique building regulations relevant to the geographic location. Below shows the different regulations, codes and guidelines that have been used for each legal jurisdiction 


The purpose of the Dubai Universal Design Code is to define how the built environment and transportation systems in the Emirate shall be designed, constructed and managed to enable one to approach, enter, use, egress from and evacuate independently, in an equitable and dignified manner, to the greatest extent possible, in line with the Universal Design concept.

The accessibility code covers all areas under the management and legal jurisdiction of the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority and Dubai Development Authority. The areas include the creative freezones of Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Design District D3.

The illustrated guide from Dubai Municipality has dual purposes Firstly, to be used as audit hand book integrally with the classified universal design checklist in order to ensure the compliance with Dubai Universal Design Code requirements. Secondly, to be used as an inclusive design guide which helps in demonstrating the design characteristics of accessible built environment that enables everyone to approach, enter, use, and egress from the buildings safely and independently. 

Saudi Arabia

The Guidelines produced by the King Salman Center for Disability Research are used across the Kingdom. The intended audiences of the Manual are planners, architects, engineers and interior designers, as well as other practitioners and decisions makers in the public and private sectors in KSA. The technical design guidelines will assist them in applying UABE principles and specifications to new building projects, and in the renovation of existing facilities to accommodate all members of Saudi society – including seniors and people with disabilities.

The suite of Saudi Arabian building code documents set the terms, requirements, subsequent laws, executive regulations, and annexes related to building and construction to ensure safety and public health. There are specific references within the code to accessibility in the internal building design and external built environment. 

The Riyadh Universal Design Code was produced in support of national building code and design guidelines from the KSCDR. The code is used specifically within the city of Riyadh and embedded into the approvals and licence process by Government Authorities as well as its author, the Royal Commission for Riyadh City. It is intended to be a textbook code that allows people to find exactly what  element of universal design they need. Each page has colour and number code to allow easy navigation.