Building Audits

A building audit allows managers and building owners to understand the access problems which are causing obstructions or possible harm to disabled, elderly or people with mobility restrictions. Below are a few building audit examples by land use

Hotels and Spas

Does reception desk have lowered section for wheelchairs?

Does hotel have disabled car parking space?

Does reception desk have hearing loop?

Is the elevator suitable for wheelchair users?

parking facilities  

arrival experience  

leisure facilities  

accessible rooms  

internal circulation    

Cafes and Restaurants

external areas    

building entrance

food counters  

tables and floors  

Are there steps at the main entrance to cafe?

Are there any obstacles in front of the entrance that may block access?

Does the entrance door open automatically on approach?

Are menus available in large print or braille format?

Schools and Universities

Are there any obstacles in corridor that block movement?

Does the school have sanitary facilities for disabled students?

Do stairs have tactile warning surfaces for visually impaired?

Are roll under desks provided for wheelchair users?

arriving at school    

school entrances  


dining areas 

Shops and Malls

shop entrance  

changing levels  

shop floors  

internal circulation  

Does the entrance have doors or any obstacles in entrance way?

Do the stairs have handrails?

Do the stairs have steps with a colour contrasting nosing?

Is the elevator easily visible with colour contrast door and call buttons? 

Offices and Workplaces

Is there a clear and non obstructed circulation route around office?

Do meeting rooms have clear circulation space and turning space for wheelchairs?

Do refreshment areas have lowered worktops or recessed space for wheelchair users?

Is disabled parking available to staff and visitors?


desks and seating  

meeting rooms  

internal movement  


Do ablution facilities have areas for wheelchair users?

Is there clear entrance free from shoes and other obstructions?

Are there a ramp at the building entrance? Is the gradient compliant?

Do disabled car parking spaces have access zones on both sides of vehicle?

Banks and Service Centres

Is entrance door wide enough?

Are there any steps at the entrance?

What type of doors are available at the entrance?

Are there obstacles on the street that obstruct entrance?

queuing lines  

ATM design  

information counters  

waiting areas  

Building Types

ComplyPOD is available for a variety of building types from standalone buildings to single interior units